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Verified offers and services 
In this section, only those offers and services that have been verified by the administration are published. The sellers are time-tested, have a reputation and reviews, many of which have a deposit on the forum, and also carried out successful transactions through the Guarantor service.
1,387 3,488 We place on the ban cards...
In the past hour ...
by configuration
Advertising section 
This Section is intended for advertisements from persons who have not been verified by the administration, as well as for any one-time transactions. Remember that you enter into transactions without the participation of the Guarantor-service in this section at your own peril and risk!
3,782 5,019 The easiest way to earn money...
In the past hour ...
by betonys
Search & Job Offers 
Any announcements related to the search for employees, employees and partners in any field related to carding. One-time and permanent work. Drops, carders, scammers, cashers, dialers, draftsmen, hackers, etc.
1,007 3,180 I am looking for a coder...
In the past hour ...
by Zafel
Free giveaways 
Free giveaways from forum members. Courses, private schemes, information products and even money!
8,184 10,392 Europe Asia 13k mixed post…
In the past hour ...
By AndrewDeFox
News in the world of carding 
News about carders, carding and everything connected with them. Loud detentions, changes in legislation, new methods of protection and official statements.
3,564 5,192 Invisible Malware NPM…
In the past hour ...
By AndrewDeFox
Carding for beginners. Questions and answers 
Everything you need to know to get started in carding. Here you can ask any question related to carding and related work, and experienced carders will answer them and help with advice.
3,683 4,684 I need aliexpress store...
In the past hour ...
by zigzag
Carder library 
Articles, reviews, manuals, private carding schemes and just useful information - everything that can help a beginner, and not only a carder, in his work.
8,342 10,432 United States chat...
In the past hour ...
By Cardinal Richelieu
Earning schemes 
Public white, gray and black earnings schemes. All about proven ways to make money and their pitfalls. Before working with the circuit, make sure that it works.
2,421 5,182 Looking for drops in the Czech Republic
In the past hour ...
Mediated by Afonya777
Security basics 
Articles about anonymity in the network and real life. Everything that a carder needs to know for a long and successful work without the visits of justice officers.
6,282 8,091 Looking for information about my dream...
In the past hour ...
by gmen
Real carding and documents 
Forum section about real carding. Discussion of skimming, encoding, pinpads, getting dumps, pins. Analysis of methods of working with ATMs and everything related to physical cards. This section also discusses working with documents, scans and ways to get them.
1,184 3,223 I agree that Hungary has 3 accounts…
In the past hour ...
by laltesarko
Clothing carding 
Forum section about clothing carding, carding into shops and everything connected with them. Discussion of work with drops, scans of documents. The choice of staff and schemes of earnings. Questions are answered by cloakrooms with many years of experience!
2,145 5,165 I am selling a set of 6 BUSINESS F…
In the past hour ...
from whothatlil
Everything related to hacking on the Internet. Hacking computers, networks, programs, databases, web applications. Vulnerabilities, exploits, brute, trojans, crypt files. Ask your questions in the field of protection and hacking of sites, computers, networks, databases, programs and other objects. The section is intended for hackers and for those who want to protect themselves from hacking.
7,324 8,983 You need to cheat on yt streams...
In the past hour ...
by kiritosan01
Banks and money transfers 
All about banks, features of banking systems and money transfer systems. WIRE, ACH, Balance transfers. Western Union, Money Gram and others. Here you can learn everything about the features of money transfers and banking systems. Know what you're working with!
2,143 3,257 Selling BlueVine + Lance Bu…
In the past hour ...
by Schrodingers_cat
Calls, SMS, text translations 
Section about working with mobile operators and mobile carding. Everything about dialing, sending and receiving SMS, changing the number, intercepting SMS and working with SIM cards. Change the voice and text of messages
11,345 16,542 I am looking for Canadian SIM cards...
In the past hour ...
by Sanli
Affiliates, billing, design, SEO 
Discussion of partnerships and work. Design, promotion, website development. Black and white SEO. We share our experience in promoting projects of any "color". Any direction - from adult to highly specialized sites.
2,154 2,932 Zalio (RO, CZ, ES, HU)
In the past hour ...
by space child
Payment systems 
Discussion of working with wallets of various electronic payment systems, as well as bundles of electronic wallet and bank card. QIWI, POISON, Perfect Money, Neteller, Paypal, WM, Crypto, etc.
4,236 8,798 Buy like payment with history...
In the past hour ...
by Svituris
Dating, scam, scam 
Scamming and dating - everything related to methods of divorce on the Internet. Divorce methods, social engineering tips, correct presentation.
1,348 4,843 Looking for cashier worldwide...
In the past hour ...
by Odysseus
Legal business 
Discussion of legal business to "bleach" illegal money. Schemes, start-ups, subtleties of entering illegally earned funds into legal business. Wash off all the dirt.
2,254 6,895 Selling Lydia FR Iban/ Selling…
In the past hour ...
From anonymousmode
Spam, botnets, coding, downloads 
Tips for spam, botnets. New download trends. Programming in the field of carding and related fields. Trojans, exploits, miners and downloaders.
1,134 1,784 PayPal is a simple question...
In the past hour ...
from nerd
legal assistance 
Theoretical foundations of law and practical recommendations from acting lawyers. Analysis of situations, examples, court decisions. Gotcha - run here!
1,356 2,009 One-time sale of Paxful America and...
In the past hour ...
By Rickard
Smoking room 
Conversations on any topics that do not belong to other sections of the forum or are not related to carding. Let's chat, get to know each other and share interesting stories!
6,546 8,318 Selling Iban Direct LT iban...
In the past hour ...
by l1fe
Discussion of everything related to mining. Search for new blocks and chains of transactions, issue of coins, equipment for cryptocurrency mining. Collective pools and services for mining.
143 225 Zalio, Romania
In the past hour ...
by Jackass
A section for buying / selling everything related to cryptocurrency mining. ASIC, FPGA, video cards, computers, components. Assistance in the assembly of farms.
18,452 24,178 Exchange map of Kazakhstan
In the past hour ...
Mediated by Afonya777
Cryptocurrency news 
News from the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. About Bitcoin, altcoins, fintech and blockchain. High-profile cases, court decisions and new laws adopted in relation to the world currency of the future.
2,567 3,184 Buy Crypto.com Ukraine
In the past hour ...
by Jackass
Wallets and exchangers 
Section about cryptocurrency exchange, trading and wallets. Which wallet is more reliable, where to exchange cryptocurrency and how to trade it correctly.
6,776 12,156 I am selling 20 buckets from the US at once...
In the past hour ...
by humancosplay
Cryptocurrency earning schemes 
All types of earnings that are associated with the crypt. Faucets, bitcoin casinos, promotions and contests, bitcoin bets, hype and others. It also discusses work for BTC, royalties, shares and contests for BTC and other cryptocurrencies.
2,468 3,349 Fraud team looking for a process...
In the past hour ...
by Odysseus


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Cronoz Shop
* Verified Seller *
Moderated By: Cronoz Shop
02-06-2023, 02:03 PM
by Cronoz Shop
MultiVPN Shop
* Verified Seller *
Moderated By: MultiVPN
1 17 MultiVPN - universal VPN ...
03-21-2023, 01:45 PM
by MultiVPN

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Sell CC & CVV (VIP)
Sellers Post Ads On This Thread
1,387 1,488 i know you might be inter...
11-24-2022, 10:43 PM
by Casper
Dumps, Checkers, Bins
Sell and Buy Dumps, Checkers, Bins only
3,782 4,019 DUmP,cherfoc.bins
11-25-2022, 01:58 PM
by moomah22
Enroll, Fullz, Accounts, Logs, SSN/DL
Enroll, Fullz. Sell & Buy Accounts: Banks, PP and more. Search SSN, DOB, Credit Reports, etc
1,007 1,180 Sivert, Fadi, Rakus and I...
11-25-2022, 01:53 AM
by Karenbal
Other Services
Credit card fraud for sale topical working order. Selling online stores for online carding and etc
8,184 10,392 north west v375ut
11-25-2022, 02:22 PM
by RichardBus

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Sell CC & CVV
Sellers Post Ads On This Thread
11-04-2022, 02:55 PM
by Davslice
Dumps, Checkers, Bins
Sell and Buy Dumps, Checkers, Bins only
11-04-2022, 02:08 PM
by JeffreyHanks
Enroll, Fullz, Accounts, Logs, SSN/DL
Enroll, Fullz. Sell & Buy Accounts: Banks, PP and more. Search SSN, DOB, Credit Reports, etc
18 21 Hello, I specialist in ca...
11-02-2022, 12:54 AM
by piarimKams
Need - [ru] Нуждаюсь
11-12-2022, 06:13 AM
by BlackNett
Other Services
Credit card fraud for sale topical working order. Selling online stores for online carding and etc
30 35 If you wish to, buy bank...
11-12-2022, 06:15 AM
by BlackNett

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Fraudulent Stores
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Contact Us
1 1 Contact Us
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by Administrator

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