Full Version: Documents scans and photos all over the world. for different purposes. Passports,id,d
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All countries are available, for different purposes
there are clean non-used sets in one hand, there is a working off. Specify in a lis or in telegram.
Wholesale, retail.

Telegram: @Argentumt




usa dl + ssn 30$
just dl $10
documents under uber eats, Lyft, doordash.
usa dl + ssn $30.
just dl 10$
usa dl + ssn + owner photo 60$

Europe, Asia

passport/id/dl - 7-20$
passport/id + selfie - from 15-30$
passport/id + bill - from 40$
sets of documents
id + dl or passport 60$
id + dl or passport + face 100$

Business Full price 150-300$
Company Certificate, Bank Statement, Company Owner's Passport,
Utility Bill, TAX number, IBAN + additional documents.

Price for other countries:

id card or passport - 7-20$
set with selfies - 10-30$