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Payment systems, Cards, IBAN, Exchanges, Cryptocurrency, Wallets, Telephony, SIM card
07-24-2023, 02:14 AM,
Post: #1
Payment systems, Cards, IBAN, Exchanges, Cryptocurrency, Wallets, Telephony, SIM card
@Graver_Robot is a Telegram bot that has been offering a wide range of goods and services for many years. It has been operating since 2012.
Verified accounts and payment systems.
  • Cryptocurrency exchanges in the CIS (Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan) and in the EU, UK, US using drops.
  • Wallets with virtual credit cards (VCC) and IBAN accounts.
  • Phone accounts + SIP with number substitution.
  • Rental of clean proxies.
  • Scans of passports from different countries.
  • Identification of your wallets.
  • Debit cards with delivery.
  • SMS activations for various services.
  • Long-term number rental.
  • Russian SIM cards,
  • ESIM. SIM card recovery.
  • Photo and video reviews.
  • Verification services available upon request.

There is a Partner Program that allows you to earn by attracting customers to the bot. Using cards, accounts, wallets, and other materials for obtaining credit, overdrafts, withdrawing stolen money, or engaging in any criminal activity is prohibited. All goods and services are provided for informational purposes only. All cards, accounts, wallets, documents, and other materials are provided with the written or oral consent of their owners. The service is not responsible for the actions of the buyers using the provided accounts, wallets, and cards. We do not engage in carding or cashing out dirty money. We do not develop, use, or distribute malware. We do not engage in personal data breach or hacking of accounts. Hacked or fake accounts are not sold. We are not liable for the safety of your funds in the wallets or any wallet blocking resulting from your actions. We are not responsible for any loss of account access. There are no guarantees. All my contacts are listed in this message. I have no contacts in other services or messengers. This text represents a public agreement. By placing an order in the service, you automatically agree to all the terms and conditions of this agreement.

https://graver.pw - The website offers the entire range of products from the Telegram bot.
Telegram - Graver Open chat with me.
Telegram Channel - @graver_pw Go to channel.
Telegram Shop: @Graver_robot Go to the bot.

There are many reviews and verified threads on forums. The list is not exhaustive; there are topics on many other forums. A trusted seller on over 20 forums.


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