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Croatia.On sale originals used id cards on both sides(photos).
12-19-2023, 11:41 PM,
Post: #1
Croatia.On sale originals used id cards on both sides(photos).
Croatia.On sale originals used id cards on both sides(photos).

Contact for communication with me:
Telegram https://t.me/vendor_darkweb

I don’t know on what sites his before used.

You can buy three ways:

1) Through foreign guarantor(you must trust him), since i live in Russia, i don’t know your forum guarantors since,i have never conducted any transactions with them, so i have nothing to advise you, look for such guarantor on forums yourself, guarantor may be administrator or moderator or person with title(rank) guarantor any foreign shadow forum,guarantor’s services are paid for your money.

Write me address this guarantor on my telegram(add http link on his profile from forum),i want see his telegram address in profile or he write me his telegram address,i write him about it using personal message on forum.

2) Through Russian guarantor who knows english:


Guarantor’s services are paid for your money, find out cost services from guarantor telegram.

3) You pay money in advance at your own risk and get originals documents.

I accept only these payment systems for payment:
2)Bitcoin(as soon as i see in history transaction one confirmation i immediately give you documents,
documents you will not get from me if zero confirmation)

01-03-2024, 05:31 AM,
Post: #2
RE: Croatia.On sale originals used id cards on both sides(photos),watch video proof.
Check on validity was done on website https://oib.oib.hr/SaznajOibWeb
Year birth 1986.
Expiration date id card until:August 20 2025 year
Price id front+back side 18.34$
No haggling.
[Image: eZkYjZ5m_t.jpg]
[Image: iuVBoaf6_t.jpg]
[Image: mURlV58n_t.jpg]
[Image: sIKcMfGU_t.jpg]

Please note: on id card you can see letters Croatian alphabet.

If you write English letter instead Croatian letter that you see on id card, then you will see that there no such person in database,but on fact man may be in database if this id card not photoshopped(not fake),
please pay special attention on this point.

Attention: name on id on second line, but on website you need enter on very top,
people often confuse where enter first name when they start write on site https://oib.oib.hr/SaznajOibWeb

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